Adolescent Mental Health

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Social Work


Mental illness today has become a growing concern. As a group, we think white females are more open to seeking help for mental illness. Based off of research we feel African American men struggle the most with accepting and understanding that mental illness is a real disease. Mental illness today has become a growing concern. This particular study will collect data in reference to age, race, culture, gender, and religion to help identify the stigma and determine if there may be a correlation between one or all areas. In this study, we are focusing on Stigma towards Mental Illness. With that being said, data will be collected from different individuals who follow our specific perspectives -- age, gender, culture, and religion. With social media platforms being one of the main means of communication and interaction today, mental illness is becoming a more controversial and widely spoken off topic. Individuals are now easily able to express thoughts and opinions on these specific topics relating to mental illness. With using these certain perspectives we hope to obtain knowledge of how each different category of persons feels about mental illness. The data that has been collected has been evenly discovered to cover each perspective to make sure there are enough facts to back up our hypothesis.

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Peter Kindle

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Social Work

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