Gender Divisions in the Household

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Social Work


Traditionally, women were expected to take care of household tasks, while men completed more maintenance in the home, which occurred far less often than the woman's daily chores. There has been a shift in gender role attitudes in recent years toward more egalitarian views. Despite this attitude shift, around the world, mothers are found to contribute more time than fathers in bringing up their children, wives tend to complete the majority of household labor, but as long as their partners are bringing home a majority of their income, women generally just accept the domestic inequality. We believe in the American midwest that people hold more egalitarian views, passed on from our ancestors because midwestern pioneers had to share housework to ensure their survival. This study intends to find out if that belief holds true, recording views of coupled persons in the American midwest and comparing those views to the coupled persons' actual completion of household duties. With this study, we hope to gain a better understanding of gender divisions in midwest households.

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Peter Kindle

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Social Work

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