Forget Me Not: Revolutionizing the Way We Second-Hand Shop Online

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The Forget Me Not team finished first place at the University of South Dakota's Hult Prize Competition in early December. Our team has advanced to the Regional Summit in Boston where we will present in March of 2020. Our team proved to have a business initiative that is in line with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and is national Hult Prize caliber. Our business proposal will be analyzed in depth and critiqued as though it were a legitimate business by an impressive panel of judges. We have created a business plan that has won numerous awards at the University of South Dakota, and now we want to share it with the student body. We want to share our research and show how our team wants to revolutionize second-hand shopping. We will do this by shaping the industry to be more sustainable, economical and accountable in the future. The fashion industry is the world's second biggest polluter. Fast fashion waste is steadily growing. We want to shed light onto the social inequalities and unethical labor practices taking place in clothing factories around the world. Not only is second-hand shopping one of the most sustainable ways to tackle the problems within fashion, our team believes that there is a business opportunity in fashion resale. It is projected to grow from a 22-billion-dollar industry to a 64-billion-dollar industry in the next 10 years. Our app, Forget Me Not, will revolutionize the fashion industry for sustainable change by easily connecting online thrift stores to customers. We want to make shopping sustainable fashion, specifically through online thrifting, accessible, affordable and enjoyable to the consumer. Clothes deserve to be loved more than once. Shop second hand. Shop Forget Me Not.

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Meghann Jarchow

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