Adverse Effects of Screen Time on Children and Adolescents

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With the constant stream of innovations in technology, there has been a significant increase in the use of technology, specifically screen time. Children have been impacted by this increased use of television, cell phones, tablets, computers, and video games for educational and entertainment purposes. As this amount of time is increasing, so are the associated side effects. The purpose of this analysis is to review the current literature on the negative side effects of increased screen time in child and adolescent development, attention, and sleep. The results from the majority of previous research demonstrate positive correlations between increased screen time and adverse effects. However, a few studies failed to establish a statistically significant positive association between the two. Although increased screen time plays a role in negative neurophysiological effects, the direct cause and effect cannot be determined by current literature. More research and education are needed on the appropriate type and amount of time spent on screens in children and adolescents.

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William Schweinle

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Physician Assistant Studies

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