Reacting to the Past and Retention in the USD Honors Program

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Reacting to the Past (RTTP) is a roleplaying pedagogy highly regarded as an innovative high-impact practice. RTTP consists of elaborate historical games informed by major texts in the history of ideas and takes place during major historical turning points. The effectiveness of this methodology, in terms of its impact on students' intention to stay in honors, was examined using a nonequivalent groups design composed of first semester students in the Honors Program at the University of South Dakota. Students that took a RTTP course and students that took a different honors course their first semester were given the same survey at two points: after midterm but before the simulation started, and during the last week of class, after the simulation took place. Analysis of results revealed that students in the RTTP course reported a higher intention to stay in the honors program than those students who did not take RTTP. Additionally, the relationships among several measures of engagement were explored and related to student intention to stay in the honors program.

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Doug Peterson

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University Honors

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