Contemporary Issues in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies: LGBTQ Adoption

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Contemporary Issues in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Students in Introduction to Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Spring 2020 present collaborative posters featuring a contemporary issue related to women, gender & sexuality studies that is currently a focus of activism. Working in groups of 3-6, students researched and designed an informative poster that introduces this issue, applies threshold concepts from the course (social construction of gender, structures of privilege and oppression, intersectionality), and includes examples of activism around the issue. Each poster will be accompanied by a brief presentation. The Spring 2020 course will feature the following topics and groups: Production in the Film Industry - Cody Crisman, Jeannie Jedlicka, Trixie Schlechter, Benjamin Schultz Reproductive Rights and Abortion - Camilla Crosby, Sydney Dietrich, Makenzie Maher, Kacy Tubbs, Cecilia Peery Sex Work - Zadya Abbot, Daniel Blankenship, Tania Maslennikova, Brianna Serrett, Shelby Toms Sex Ed, Sexual Health, and Women of Color -Salena Carr, Joey Jean-Louis, Alex (AP) Peterson Sanitary Products and Menstrual Equity -Roua Klai, Kendall Holland, Sheby Specht Access to Contraception - Jordyn Horvaldt, Tariqa Joseph, Katherine Lembke, Taylor Niles, Maya Parry Female Protagonists in Film, Change and Continuity - Sarah Bechen, Marcus Destin, Ryan Shearer LGBTQ Adoption - Sharlene Glanzer, Asia Kane, Caitlyn Marquardt

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Sara Lampert

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Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

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