Women in Politics: Representation in Media

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I will be researching and analyzing the way that women in politics are portrayed in different media sources in the United States. This means that I will be looking at news networks, such a CNN and Fox News, as well as magazines, journals, and tabloids. I will also work to incorporate social media representation, since so many young people participating in the current political dialogue in this country get a great deal of their information about political figures on social media's such as Instagram and TikTok. My overall goal and questions are to see how women's portrayal in media is affected by their gender, and to see how that compares to some of their male counterparts. I would also be interested in seeing how their political party affiliation affects their portrayal in different media outlets, and see if there is an overarching positive or negative relationship between the party affiliation and their media portrayal.

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Julia Hellwege

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Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

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