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positive behavior, intervention, wellbeing, correlation study


Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) promotes the instruction of appropriate behaviors and actions including strategies that focus on social, emotional and behavioral development in students. This project was designed to examine and assess the impact of a PBIS program on student perception of school safety. The study examined and assessed the impact of PBIS through elementary student responses to an individual questionnaire administered by the school counselor. The same questionnaire was administered in two schools in southeastern South Dakota, one that does not implement a PBIS program (Group A) as well as one that implemented a PBIS program four years ago (Group B). Students completed the questionnaire at the beginning of the year at both schools. This program evaluation involves group comparisons of three measures of school safety: feeling respected, having conflict resolutions skills, and the perception of safety, utilizing a quasi-experimental study. Preliminary results from one of the measures indicates that children in the PBIS school reported feeling safer than children at the non-PBIS school significantly more. The results supporting PBIS as an effective framework for improving school culture may increase interest for PBIS implementation among school administrators.

First Advisor

Gabrielle Strouse

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Educational Administration