University of South Dakota Archaeology Lab

Rose McLaughlin, University of South Dakota
Rainie Hoogendoorn, University of South Dakota
Gabby Drapeau, University of South Dakota


The University of South Dakota's Archaeological Laboratory established almost 50 years ago, has provided the University and the State of South Dakota with a repository of information about the early and historical cultures of the Midwest. The archaeological collection amassed in the past 50 years is quite extensive and has the potential to be source of future research and learning for students and scholars alike. In 2019, an inventory of the full archaeological collection was started and includes artifacts and documents from more than 75 archaeological sites which span the entirety of the northern Midwest. Thus far, the inventory accounted for 883 boxes of artifacts, both historical and cultural. The inventory is still yielding insights into history of the Dakotas, and northern Midwest generally, but also reveals significant future opportunities for the University, State, scholars, and students.