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emotional intelligence, work place, employee


Emotional intelligence is a key characteristic that can distinguish you from another individual. It can be the difference between nailing that job you applied for, receiving that promotion you have been dreaming of for months, and it can also be the difference between being successful or not in life. Employers are now taking into account more than just your cover letter and resume. They are looking into how you present yourself in a professional manner and how you deal with everyday outcomes of life. The difference in how you compare to someone else applying for that same job, deals with common stress shows incredible emotional intelligence. Within the general of idea of emotional intelligence there are five pillars, so to say, that fit within this concept. The five pillars that are underneath the umbrella of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, internal (or intrinsic) motivation, empathy, and social skills. Each aspect reflects deeper in oneself and shows how you handle day to day stressors of life. Employers look into these concepts of an individual with a serious of different questions and situations. Depending on how one reacts to each question and how they would perform in diverse situations, can and most likely will make or break the opportunity for that job you really want! This is why emotional intelligence needs to be a focus on education that one must accumulate in the new work field. Competition for jobs is already a struggle in the real world, but understanding the concept of emotional intelligence can put you at and advantage when compared to your competitors.

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