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skateboard, ART 100, students


The Skateboard Project was an in-class project where ART 100 First Year Seminar students were provided a skateboard through the generous funding from the CURCS mini grant program. Students were allowed to manipulate and configure the skateboard in any way, shape or form in which they saw fit, after comprising several thumbnail sketches and narrowing down their ideas. This led to some crazy and awesome designs: some decorated their boards with mirrors, some with playing cards, some with white board material. The basis of this assignment was imagination and freedom. For the next four (or more) years, we will have agendas to follow, assignment specs to adhere to, and expectations to meet. This project provided freedom in which students could experiment with material, work with media that they may never work with again, to push the limits and most importantly, have fun. Students found and followed a theme and portrayed it on the skateboard. Students also learned a quick history about skateboard design and the artists in the scene at the moment. I will be presenting a poster presentation about the skateboard exhibition that is by the Dean’s Office in the MUC, featuring several students’ impeccable work.

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Cory Knedler

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