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biofeedback, stress-reduction, oncology patients, stress


Stress and emotional burnout in oncology patients is a common side effect of the cancer diagnosis. High levels of stress lead to abnormal heart rate variation, increased blood pressure, concerning oxygen levels, and atypical body temperatures. These conditions may be especially concerning for such patients as their health status is already compromised. Biofeedback is the means of measuring these biological levels and the use of this science may be beneficial in monitoring the relationship between physical wellness and stress reduction. Utilization of various mindfulness techniques may improve overall health and this change has been monitored via biofeedback. The following research goes into depth on how biofeedback has been proven to show improvement in health conditions that have resulted from stress. Oncology patients may see a beneficial change in their health by practicing complementary alternative medicine and using biofeedback to demonstrate these changes.

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Carole South-Winter

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Health Services Administration