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digital media, print media, educators, childhood classrooms, technology


As technology becomes an essential part of our world, many educators are motivated to integrate it into the classroom, while others are motivated to use print media. The impact on a child's learning may be different when they learn through digital media and print media, so it is essential to study what motivates teachers to use print and digital media in the classroom. According to Wilson et al. (2020), technology-integrated classrooms can allow students to simultaneously share their work with classmates and teachers and receive feedback. Print media may be instrumental in helping students who are learning English as a foreign language (EFL; Gulzar & Asmari, 2014). We surveyed elementary teachers in South Dakota about their motivation for using digital and print media in their classrooms. We will look at differences in what motivates teachers to use digital versus print media and differences in motivation for using digital and print media in early childhood classrooms versus middle childhood classrooms. Understanding the reason behind teachers using digital and print media will allow other educators to evaluate media use in their classrooms. Reflections are crucial as an educator. They enable educators to improve on their teaching strategies continuously. This study on motivation when it comes to media in the classroom is an excellent form of reflection.

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Gabrielle Strouse

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Lisa Newland

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Counseling & Psychology in Education