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Audiology, audiological services, healthcare


The field of audiology is a young healthcare professional that has only been in existence for seventy-five years. Audiology licensure is required to provide public safety and consumer protection, and audiology licensure is required to provide audiological services in all 50 states. Licensure insures the minimal base standards have been met by the professionals. Licensure is provided by state the audiologist practices in. Messersmith et al. (2014). indicated there were significant differences among states regarding the requirements for acquiring and maintaining state licensure. The purpose of this student was to collect data on how audiologists in different states obtain their licensure, report the professional composition of licensure boards and what commonalities/differences there are among states, determine if there are significant demographic, economic, or geographic differences among state licensure criteria, and report on trends of the processes by which the board conduct business and how they license professionals.

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Lindsey Jorgensen

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Communication Sciences & Disorders