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rural care, provider, disability, sexual violence


Research conducted on the well-being of Americans with disabilities has increasingly become prioritized in the literature (Rimmer & Braddock, 2002; Iezzoni & O’Day, 2006). Although studies related to the experiences of individuals with disabilities are necessary, research is also lacking concerning the experiences of care providers of people with disabilities. Care provider research is necessary considering the important role they play in providing direct services to and advocating for those with disabilities. Initial research is often conducted with consumers, educators, and care providers as a springboard into understanding the experiences of individuals with disabilities (Morrison et al., 2008). The purpose of the current grounded theory study is to collect audio interviews from care providers and other individuals who have worked with individuals with disabilities. More specifically, these individuals will be asked to talk about their experiences working with reporting instances of sexual violence and their thoughts on what factors may play into the prevalence of sexual violence in the disability community. Collecting this data from the population of interest will allow for a working theory to be developed on the experiences of care providers and reporting. Advancing knowledge in this area will inform future research regarding how to best interview individuals with disabilities, and to come up with the best way to ultimately gain a broader understanding of individuals with disabilities who have been victims of sexual violence. Approximately 30 individuals will participate in the study. Initial results and discussion will be presented with the ultimate goal of filling the gap in the literature concerning the experiences of care providers working with individuals with disabilities who are survivors of sexual violence.

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S. Jean Caraway

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