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motivated, self-motivated, emotional intelligence, mental health


Being self-motivated may seem easy for some people but for others, it is hard to maintain. For the ideafest abstract, I am going to focus on how to be more motivated. Specifically how to be better motivated in a professional setting. Motivation is an important part of emotional intelligence for leaders. Leadership is something to be motivated about in life. You have to be motivated be a good leader to influence those following you. Setting new goals or finding positive things around the workplace helps a lot. Being motivated is more than doing tasks for a job or school, it is about wanting to do these tasks to become a better leader. To become a better leader these people will have to try to keep their momentum up. This will not be an easy understanding for some people because of how they procrastinate and have little to no motivation for certain activities. The reason, why someone would not be as motivated, is because of their mental health. Mental health is a very serious issue for most people. If someone suffers from bad mental health they have no motivation to do anything that can be good for them. This is why having good mental health helps with wanting to do more activities. One way to help with getting better mental health and more motivation is getting a mentor to help in the workplace.

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Becky Wolff

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Health Sciences