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stress, techniques, burnout


In recent years, physician burnout has become an increasingly prevalent and scrutinized issue. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, over 50 percent of physicians reported occupational burnout. This has led to questions on how physician burnout affects access to care, patient safety, and quality of care. In partnership with the Avera Prairie Center and LIGHT program, we aim to gauge effectiveness, and increase accessibility and participation in breathing and grounding exercises. Using marketing strategies, we will prepare a plan to grow awareness and acceptance of these programs. An easy to use binder for physicians to access exercises will be provided to those who are unable to be present for in-person participation. With that strategy, we will focus on reworking the attitudes and conceptions towards these exercises and will work on promoting stress and anxiety relief through breathing and grounding strategies. Prior and post exercise, we will have a self-assessment measuring metrics consisting of vital signs, reported change in sleep patterns, and stress levels. This data will be given to Avera to further their progress towards treating physician burnout.

First Advisor

Carole South-Winter

Research Area

Health Services Administration