Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leaders

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emotional intelligence, leadership, effective leader


Emotional Intelligence consists of five realms, which are interpersonal skill, decision making, self-perception, stress management, and self-expression. Emotional Intelligence has shown every aspect student would need to become an effective leader in his/her community. The importance of EI is not to be underestimated. Emotional Intelligence has shown that everyone has the capability of being an effective leader. With that being said, being a leader is different for everyone, and that is why having self-awareness critical. Learning new information about one’s self can be difficult and/or confusing. After learning about one’s self, opportunities to lead will be enhanced, and that is when true growth occurs. One of the most important characteristics of a leader is continuing growth, and that is what EQ teaches students; how to grow.

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Becky Wolff

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Health Sciences

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