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Veterans, noncombatants, female, sacrifices, oral history


There are countless recorded interviews of, and books written about our incredible American servicemembers who fought on the front lines of different wars in American history. Their unique and exceptional contributions of bravery, loyalty, heroism, and patriotism have permanently affected our world and have helped preserve this great democracy, which is part of the reason we have made great efforts to document their stories. What is greatly lacking in our documentation of American servicemembers is the stories of those who were not on the front lines or in battle. There is an even bigger lack of the documentation of the contributions of female veterans in noncombat roles. To help bridge this missing link, I will interview a female veteran who served at the Al Udeid Air Base, in Qatar, from 2010 to 2011. The purpose of this oral history project is to recognize noncombat female servicemembers’ contributions and sacrifices in helping defend American freedoms, defend its democracy, and positively impact the world. Keeping such stories alive is one way we can finally begin to show our respect and thankfulness for the sacrifices they also have made. This will also allow us to provide future generations with a more complete history of American servicemembers and the variety of essential roles they have all played in the fascinating history of The United States of America. Keywords: Veterans, noncombatants, female, sacrifices, oral history

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Jing Williams

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English, History