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This research was be an expansion of research done in 2008 by Carly Dearborn entitled “USD Honors Program and the Liberal Arts Movement” describing the origination of Honors from the School of Arts and Sciences and the effect this movement still has on the Honors Program. Dearborn’s (2008) research shows the influence the liberal arts movement has had on the Honors Program and details how the movement is still pervasive in the Honors curriculum. I expanded upon this research to put into detail the influence the Honors Program has had on its surrounding community and the education of USD. In recent times the Honors Program has come into the news because of retention rates, research efforts, and pervasiveness in on campus leadership. The curriculum of the Honors Program is stylistically developed to produce students capable of critical thinking and leadership abilities giving them an edge in positions on and off campus. Comparing this to students over 50 years ago develops an important knowledge of things done correctly, shows alumni how their efforts transformed the Honors Program, and shows academic institutions considering cooperating with the Honors Program, the benefit of doing so. The research showed an overall influence of the Honors Program on curriculums across campus as well as across the United States, with cultural influence coming from its Enriched Honors Experience Program leading to greater efforts for diversity across campus.

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Scott Breuninger

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Melissa Berninger

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Interdisciplinary Honors Program