Medical Mission Trip in Tanzania, Africa

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Medicine and Health Sciences


The purpose of this presentation is to share the vast amount of health disparities and economic issues that I saw first hand on my medical mission trip to Mbuguni, Tanzania. I was able to experience this through the nonprofit organization, STEMM. The mission of STEMM is to change lives for Christ through compassionate caring, doing this by developing a Christian community that addresses the priorities of spiritual growth, medical care, and educational opportunities. Throughout my time in Tanzania, I was able to set up outpatient clinics, visit a leprosy community, play with the STEMM orphan children, tour medical centers, provided meals to the local schools, go on a safari, and many more valuable experiences. I was able to witness how health disparities play a significant role in the risk of disease and quality healthcare. After sharing this presentation with the Health Sciences board, I was excited to have the opportunity to share it at IDEA FEST. Not only could this presentation change the perspective that others have, but it also could allow students and faculty to get involved in STEMM ministries.

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Jamie Turgeon-Drake

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Health Sciences

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