Date of Award

Spring 5-8-2021

Document Type

Oral Presentation/Poster

Degree Name

Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD)


Health Science

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Whitney Lucas Molitor


occupational therapy, environment, sensory, caregiver diary, pediatrics

Subject Categories

Occupational Therapy


This capstone project explored in-depth clinical practice skills in sensory based therapy along with caregiver perceptions of sensory environmental modifications. In person and telehealth treatment sessions focused on the achievement of sensory based goals. A three-part continuing education course was also completed to expand knowledge and understanding of sensory environmental modifications and strategies that were family friendly. The main project was to gain an understanding of caregiver perceptions of sensory environmental modifications. This was accomplished through interviews with families that focused on sensory aspects of the environmental, completion of Participation and Sensory Environmental Questionnaire, and feel-good menus. After environmental recommendations were suggested, a caregiver completed a diary over a five-day time frame, providing scores and feedback on the effectiveness of the environmental modification. The results of the caregiver diaries demonstrated that making sensory modified environmental changes such as increasing visual supports, altering lighting, creating designated spaces, using sensory equipment, and creating movement options within the environment did increase participation in desired occupations and improve quality of life both of child and family.