Date of Award

Spring 5-6-2021

Document Type

Oral Presentation/Poster

Degree Name

Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD)


Health Science

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Jessica McHugh


Sensory room, zones of regulation, sensory integration, outpatient setting

Subject Categories

Occupational Therapy


The purpose of this Capstone project was to develop a sensory room in an outpatient setting to support child-led sensory integration. The Capstone experience was completed at Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato, Minnesota in an outpatient setting. The project was geared towards working primarily with the pediatric population with a diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The main learning objective was creating the sensory room which included creating a list of equipment for the room and setting up the room once the items were delivered. Another main learning objective was creating binders to provide therapists with resources for the sensory systems, SPD information for parent education, fine motor activities and handouts, vision exercises and activities, and craft ideas for therapy sessions. Another large portion of the Capstone project was completing a continuing education course about the Zones of Regulation followed by creating a PowerPoint presentation to educate Mayo Clinic occupational and speech therapists on how to accurately implement the Zones of Regulation curriculum in the outpatient setting. Being able to successfully implement the Zones curriculum will support the development of self-regulation during treatment sessions while engaging in sensory exploration when using the sensory room. Through this capstone experience, the OTS successfully created a sensory room that will support sensory integration for the pediatric patients receiving outpatient therapy services, as well as providing therapists with a variety of useful resources for developing skills in sensory processing, emotional regulation, and fine motor skills.