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Date of Award


Document Type

Oral Presentation/Poster

Degree Name

Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Moses Ikiugu


Life Skills, Training Program, At-Risk Youth, Trauma, Mental Health

Subject Categories

Occupational Therapy


The purpose of my capstone project was to create and implement an occupational therapy life skills training program to help at-risk youth develop life skills so that they are more successful with transitions to home or independent living. The capstone project was completed at Lutheran Social Services: Summit Oaks in Sioux Falls, SD. I began with a needs assessment by gathering information through interviews and observations with stakeholders. Based on results from the analysis of gathered data, I created a 15 lesson life skills training program. After the implementation of the program, evaluation data were gathered through the administration of survey questionnaires and interviewing participating youth and staff at the end of the intervention sessions which was the conclusion of the program. Evaluation data indicated that the participating youth enjoyed the program, experienced that the program was fun and helpful, and were thankful for the program. Adjustments in the future implementation of the program such as focusing on one life skill lesson per group session, controlling the process better so that the group stays on topic, and identifying extra activities for use in group sessions could improve the program.