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Oral Presentation/Poster

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Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD)


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Dr. Jessica McHugh


aquatic-based, land-based, pediatrics, occupational therapy

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Occupational Therapy


With various injuries, diseases, and conditions continuing to grow and expand with our rising population size, so does the need for therapeutic intervention. To assist in the rehabilitation process, aquatic therapy may be used by multiple healthcare professionals to best benefit their clients through the aquatic medium's unique hydrodynamic and hydrostatic qualities. The aquatic medium is particularly beneficial to the pediatric population as water is usually naturally motivating and "fun." Occupational and physical therapists are among the professionals qualified to perform "aquatic-based" therapy in addition to or in place of more traditional "land-based" therapy. This project aims to expand on the available knowledge of the use of aquatic therapy, including looking at the benefits and limitations of using an "aquatic-based" treatment approach and exploring the different ways therapists use the aquatic medium within their therapeutic practices. Through the use of case studies, a satisfaction survey, and satisfaction interviews, results indicate that caregivers find benefits and satisfaction with the services their child is receiving.