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Beginning in the summer of 2012, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry (RCF), began conducting rapid community forest assessments through the “Community Threat Assessment Protocol” project, or CTAP. This effort to establish a new assessment protocol is a response to the increasing concern of approaching forest insect, disease, and wildfire threats in South Dakota. The resulting assessments provide communities with current information about their community forest resources. These assessments will enable communities to make educated management decisions to proactively address possible threats. This project was funded through US Forest Service Redesign grants.

CTAP collected data on all actively managed, publically owned trees in parks, on city managed properties, or in easements and planting strips along streets. To complete the assessments, RCF hired contractors to collect data regarding all appropriate trees. The information that was collected includes tree location (by marking the tree location using TreeWorksTM), tree species, stem diameter, tree height, and tree condition (a general statement of a tree’s health at the moment of inventory).The purpose of this report is to provide the current information to assist with completing an overall management plan.

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CTAP, South Dakota Department of Agriculture, forest resources, Division Resource Conservation and Forestry

Community Threat Assessment Protocol