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Recycling, social climate, Vermillion, responsible, sustainability, waste


Actions must be taken one step at a time in organizations in order to ensure proper analysis has been conducted and adequate controls are in place. Although some may say that the University needs to do more, and do more quickly, the University’s new recycling program is an excellent first step towards environmental responsibility. The program will allow USD to adequately judge the impact and evaluate what the next most appropriate action is. With proper planning, the University will come to realize that sustainability is all about integrating environmentally friendly measures into the daily processes which we engage in, without generating an appreciable increase in effort or work, while simultaneously saving money through the consumption of fewer resources.

In this plan I will outline the various options available to the University that I have identified through numerous interviews with faculty and experts close to the area of waste and recycling. These options include various contractors which the University can use to dispose of waste as well as several options for the management of the recycling bins in the Muenster University Center. It provides a brief explanation of the current situation the University is facing as well as the Missouri Valley Recycling Center’s situation.