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This report provides a brief summary of the University of South Dakota’s STARS Report that was started by the Sustainability Capstone class and is projected to be completed during the summer of 2022. Currently the University of South Dakota has a Bronze rating, which is expected to be set throughout the completion of this report and hopefully increase in the future.

Problem Summary

Throughout the University of South Dakota’s STARS report there were two common problems. The first was a lack of record keeping for information such as emissions and employee satisfaction. The second was that the University did not have any initiatives pertaining to some of the subcategories, this is expected considering that sustainability is a fairly new field.

Solution Summary

Throughout completing this report, we found that the sub-categories in which the University had kept records or implemented a program, we scored well. This report will provide areas that can be improved upon. Ideally the institution will make it a priority to implement successful record keeping and new sustainability initiatives in these areas.

Key Next Steps

The University of South Dakota has many great sustainability efforts happening across campus. Hiring a sustainability coordinator would allow for all of these efforts to be organized and supported by the institution.

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University of South Dakota 2022 AASHE STARS Assessment Report