Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Duncan Barlow

Second Advisor

Prentiss Clark

Third Advisor

Lesli Olson


Schizophrenia, Mental Illness, Creative Writing, Fiction, Short Fiction

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To Live With is a story about an individual, Charlie, living with schizophrenia. The story follows Charlie as he grows up, from a time of no definitive signs of schizophrenia to his first major episode and the consequences that follow. I utilized knowledge and research stemming from my nursing education to create a character meant to connect with readers in a way that broadens their view on mental illness. This story only shows one view of what living with schizophrenia may be like and is in no way intended to encompass all of schizophrenia. I searched for ways to show symptoms of the diagnosis in my writing that built up the character into their own person, a method that prevents the character from being defined by schizophrenia. The condition is not something that explains, drives, or hinders his life, but rather, is something that he lives with as he creates his own way of being in the world. My intent was, and still is, to create and bring to life an impactful character that shows there is not, and never will be, one way to categorize individuals, despite what they may or may not be dealing with in that moment.

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Fiction Commons



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