Date of Award

Spring 5-4-2024

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Health Science

First Advisor

Jamie Turgeon-Drake

Second Advisor

Dr. Amy Nelson

Third Advisor

Dr. Kari Oyen


Mental health, collegiate athletics, stigma, NCAA

Subject Categories

Mental and Social Health | Psychology | Public Health | Sports Management


Mental health has become increasingly more linked with athletics, especially collegiate athletics. There has been an increase in public acknowledgment of the presence of mental health in sports, specifically, more athletes are speaking about their mental health struggles as well as more research is being conducted in order to gain a greater understanding of the relationship between mental health and athletics. This literature review discusses athletes’ personal experiences of their mental health struggles, the presence of stigma associated with mental health and athletics, and the results of the recent NCAA, National Collegiate Athletic Association, research. This thesis aims to uncover additional information over collegiate athletes’ mental health in relation to a variety of different internal and external factors. This research was conducted through an online survey, upholding the anonymity of the participants, open to both past and present collegiate athletes of all divisions and conferences. The findings support previous research that there is an abundance of stigma present, a lack of knowledge over accessing mental health services available to student athletes on college campuses, and a lack of beneficial mental health resources available to student athletes on college campuses.



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