Knowledge of Pelvic Health among High School Graduates

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Physical Therapy


The purpose of this study is to identify the knowledge a typical high school graduate has about pelvic health norms and whether they can identify symptoms that may warrant intervention. Methods: College undergraduate students were invited to participate in this non-experimental study administered via PsychData Surveys. The survey comprised of questions to gather information on the following: demographics, middle/high school health class topics covered, identification of abnormal pelvic health symptoms and whether or not more education should be provided prior to college. Results/Findings: 130 undergraduate students completed the survey. Of those, 69.2% had their secondary education in a rural community with 90.8% attending public school. Over 73.1% felt comfortable knowing when to seek help from a medical provider. Yet, 74.6% reported they would have benefited from information prior to college and over 90.0% felt the educational system before college should incorporate more education on these topics. Furthermore, 73.8% reported they were unaware PT treated pelvic health conditions. Discussion/Conclusions: The majority of students responded they would have benefited from more information and education on pelvic health prior to college. Many were unaware that PT could provide care for abnormal urinary, bowel, pelvic, and sexual symptoms. Most participants took required health education classes in middle/high school, but few responded topics on urinary, bowel, pelvic, and sexual symptoms were discussed during these classes.

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Amanda Adamson

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Physical Therapy

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