Social Media in Sorority and Fraternity Life

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Educational Psychology | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


Each year technology advances quicker and provides for easier and more convenient communication and exchange of information between people. This ease of access may not be entirely beneficial with the high rates of social media usage amongst undergraduate students, including those in sorority and fraternity life. Allowing for one to waste time on social media platforms instead of working productively or managing time properly. There is also the element of lessened face-to-face interaction between people when communication can be done so easily though one's cell phone or computer. This study is going to examine the possible negative relationship between the time spent on social media platforms and the academic performance of undergraduate sorority and fraternity students. Undergraduate Fraternity and Sorority students will be emailed the Social Media and Academic Performance Questionnaire (SMAAPOS) to be completed on their own time. T\data will then be collected and coded to determine the association between social media and academic performance. The use of social media applications throughout the day, including during class, will have a negative association on academic performance of undergraduate sorority and fraternity students. This study will help gauge the usage and relations between social media and academic performance and whether this might be used in classrooms.

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Gabrielle Strouse

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Counseling & Psychology in Education

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