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students, multimedia-didactic, medical school, curriculum, OSCE


Existing literature indicates medical students benefit from combined multimedia-didactic curricula and standardized techniques for physical examination education. Although current literature supports the integration of standardized multimedia tools into the didactic curriculum, it lacks a detailed, reproducible integration model for other medical entities to follow. Current literature also fails to assess the effect of multimedia tools on student well-being and largely ignores the educator perspective. This study aims to address the above discrepancies by demonstrating a practical approach to integrating supplemental videos into an existing curriculum and assessing first year medical student and OSCE evaluator perspectives at strategic points throughout the process. First-year medical students at the USD SSOM participated in a 7-item Likert scale pre-video integration survey and a 15-item Likert scale post-video integration survey. OSCE evaluators completed a 5-item Likert scale survey assessing the role of the video series in education and evaluation standardization. 63.5% of respondents (n = 52) utilized the video series. Prior to the use of the video series, only 30.2% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “I am confident in my ability to demonstrate the skills needed to complete the following exam.” 100% of video-users agreed or strongly agreed with this statement after utilization of the video series. 81.8% of video users agree or strongly agree the video series decreased anxiety associated with performing clinical examination skills. 90.9% of OSCE evaluators (n = 11) agree or strongly agree the videos enhanced their understanding of the evaluation expectations. 90.9% of OSCE evaluators agree or strongly agree the video series aided in standardization of the evaluation process. Overall, this study outlines the successful process of augmenting the traditional didactic curricula of physical examination techniques with a comprehensive instructional video series, as supported by student and OSCE evaluator response.

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Roy Mortinsen

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Brian Wallenburg

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School of Medicine