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Health Information Management, certification exam, health, administrator


This three-paper dissertation explored possible success factors for Health Information Management certification exams. According to the American Health Information Management Association in 2019, only seventy percent of first-time test takers passed the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) exam and ten percent passed the Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA) exam. A quantitative systematic review offered insight into factors related to passing certification exams. Sources included existing, relevant peer-reviewed and published literature since 1990 within 87 educational and health/medicine databases and 62 other articles and journal databases available at the University of South Dakota Library. Findings informed a second study of factors to try to help students pass the RHIA exam. The final study investigated factors related to the 2019 pass rate on the CHDA exam. Outcomes from the systematic review included illumination of factors for passing the RHIA, CHDA, and other HIM, healthcare, and education certification exams. The second study identified a significant relationship between the RHIT credential and passing the RHIA exam. The CHDA study results indicated that candidates between ages 30 and 49 are less likely to pass the exam than those with an associate or bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, this new information will help improve pass rates and better populate this important field.

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William Schweinle, III

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Health Sciences