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Evaluation of the SPOT™ Photoscreener’s Efficacy for Detecting Amblyopia Risk Factors Compared to Optometrists’ Examinations in 305 South Dakota Children
Jeremy J. Kudrna MD, Eric Habbe MD, Andrea Bordewyk MD, Hadly Carson Eisenbeisz MS-IV, Ryan Scarborough OD, and Terrence Spencer MD


Perioperative Anesthetics and Adjuvant Anxiolytics for Cataract Surgery Patients
Levi Franz, Jeremy J. Kudrna, Peter Hoesing, and Mark Garry


Developing a decision support system to detect material weaknesses in internal control
Murtaza Nasir, Serhat Simsek, Erin Cornelsen, Srinivasan Ragothaman, and Ali Dag


Zooming through development: Using video chat to support family connections.
Gabrielle Strouse, Elisabeth McClure, Lauren J. Myers, Jennifer M. Zosh, Georgene L. Troseth, Olivia Blanchfield, Ellen Roche, Subul Malik, and Rachel Barr

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