IdeaFest is an annual event celebrating student research, creative scholarship and academic engagement. Undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines present their work in oral and poster presentations, live performances, readings, exhibits and displays. Not only does it offer students a unique opportunity to present their work, it's a way for the surrounding community to see how research and other academic activities enhance the education of students. The celebratory two-day event also sets the stage to welcome distinguished keynote speakers and other inspirational activities.


Student Works from 2020

Socioeconomic Status Impact on College Students' Grade Point Average, Talya Aasen and Karliana Kelly

Immigrant Help in Chestnut Crowned Babbler Communities, Michaela Ahrenholtz

Determining the Localization of MOSCs in the Brain, Rusul Ali

Efficacy of Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis, Tyson Allen

Effectiveness of an Injury Prevention Program on Division I Track & Field Runners, Courtney Almendinger, Brooke Ireland, Aaron Lemon, and Anna Sudbeck

USD Mock Trial - State of Midlands v Jordan Ryder, Tuckor Anderson, Krista Honomiche, Hannah Juelfs, Collin Fischer, Allison Howard, Alex Deis, and Ashlynn Burke

Management of Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Infection, Zulfia Anderson

What is American About American Religious History?, Haley Andrews, Hannah Dreeszen, Izaak Farrer, Elle Findlay, Allison Howard, Ryan Mohr, Selena Olvera, Erin Peacock, Bainbridge Peterson, and Anna Reifenrath

AWOL: Nashville - Housing & Food Security, Cassandrua Ann Echols

Role of the Selaginella lepidophylla bHLH Transcription Factor in Drought Stress Response of Arabidopsis thaliana, Madhavi Anuradha Ariyarathne

Interaction of Biomolecules with Graphene/Cu Surfaces, Ashen Anuradha Suduweli Kondage

University of South Dakota Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness, Irene Thelma Arango Gomez

Translating Por el sótano y el torno: an Exercise in Translation for Performance, Cara Ashten McLaughlin

Mechanistic Studies of the Decarbonylation of Carboxylic Acids using Palladium Catalysts, Samuel Asiedu Fosu

Developmental Stuttering, Kat Baker

Consequences of In Utero Exposure to Alcohol, Brittany Nicole Bamberg

Effects of a Biofeedback Intervention on Student Test Anxiety and Performance, Traci Ann Barnable

The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Oral Tradition as a Pedagogical Approach to Willa Cather's "My Antonia", April Bayer

Marketing Collaboration: An Ethnographic Study Analyzing the Function of a Writing Center, Mataiya Bebbington

Postmodern Time: An Analysis of Cultural Perception and Effects Within the Discipline of Anthropology, Mataiya Bebbington

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Pathogenesis, Etiology and Clinical Considerations., Valerie A. Belding


Exploring the Effectiveness of Social Networking on Environmentally Conscious Behavior and Well-being, Alison Benson, Jay Cooper, Konner Kielman, and Kendel Wheat

Dimerization of Functionalized Isoindenones, Osamakon Bernard Osemwenkhae

Understanding Electronic Structure and Bonding in Uranium Complexes by Using Computational Methods, Rina Bhowmick

Contemporary Art Education Practices and Methods, Sydney Bitz, Lisbeth Castro, and Dakota Wilson


Tick Surveillance in Eastern South Dakota, Holly Black

Forget Me Not: Revolutionizing the Way We Second-Hand Shop Online, Brigit A. Blote, Morgan M. Eikanger, Payton S. Ryz, Amber C. Ellison, and Ashlynn F. Atwood

America: Desensitized to Death?, Hannah Booth

Societal Stigmatization Towards Native Americans, Sarah Borgers, Brittany Vial, Makayla Beeck, Elma Sahuric, and Zaida Meza

Paws for a Cause, Tandis Bovee, Elijah Diane Malsom, Callie Ann Clark, Carter James Goulet, Sippsy Citlaly Zavala, Tyler Joseph Leif, and Daniel David Braun

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Ashlyn Bowker


Utilization of Mobile Technology Applications to Promote Early Literacy in Children with Complex Communication Needs, Hanna Browder

How Does Technology Affect Measuring Foot Posture?, Taylor Brown

Male Betta Splendens: Measuring Aggressive Behavior in Response to Foreign Stimuli, Katie Brust

A Place for Us, Dillon Bryant

Evaluating Financial Distress, Cultural Fit, and Social Support, as Predictors of Well-Being in First Generation College Students, Levenae Buggs

Exploring Effects of Altered Nup153 Expression Through CRISPR/dCas9 Systems, Ryan Burdine

Percentile Control Charts for the Generalized Pareto Distribution, Ruth Burkhalter

Social Isolation, Britt Buss, Michelle J. Sharpe, Maria G. Francisco, Isabella M. Gasca, Rachael Megan Gaertner, and MaryEllen Kay Hilton

Knockdown of UBXN2A Protein Induces Colorectal Cancer Metastasis Through Up-Regulation of the mTORC2 Signaling Pathway, Maria Agustina Callegari

Food Pantry (Trivia), Victoria Callegari, Andrew Murphy Prudich, Cole McClure, and Brittni Cottrell

Issues and Subjective Wellbeing, Maria Camila Ordonez Carbajal

Issues and Subjective Wellbeing, Maria Camila Ordonez Carbajal

Bioaccumulation and Trophic Transfer of Selenium in South Dakota Tile Wetland Species, Kaitlyn Campbell

The Effect of Student Debt on Priorities and Decisions after Graduation, Maralyn CarderAfton Grady, Maila Manninen, Sierra Marshall, and Jessica Delgado

Contemporary Issues in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies: Sex Ed, Sexual Health, and Women of Color, Salena Carr, Joey Jean-Louis, and Alex Peterson

Using Interpersonal and Self-Functioning to Anticipate the Engagement of NSSI and Suicide, Rachel Chavin

Vermillion Counts! 2020 Census, Ben Chleborad, Makenzie Maher, Alex Deis, Drew Rozell, Jack McCarty, and Austin Goenner

The Relationship Between Physical Activity, Emotional Intelligence, and Mental Health Outcomes in College Students, Julia Christine Noah, Kassidy Ellen Welsh, and Jilianne Margaret Hofer

The Origin and Antiquity of Venereal Syphilis, Kaci Clement

The Victimization of Native American Women in the United States: The Impact and Potential Underlying Factors, Kaci Clement

USD Theatre Senior Showcase, Alyssa Collett, Brett Ries, Gloria Kelly, Adam Gerard, Ella Williams, Whitney Wolf, Alyssa Elbert, Alexis Gowans, Josie Kasik, and Jackson Whitaker

Rhythm of the Night: Brain Activity and Performance on a Sustained Attention Task is Modulated by Circadian Typology and Time of Day, Carly Cooper

Dead Zones: an Analysis of South Dakota's Rural EMS System, Jenna Corrin

Contemporary Issues in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies: Reproductive Rights, Camilla Crosby, Sydney Dietrich, Makenzie Maher, Kacy Tubbs, and Ceci Peery

Predicting Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Probability, Tyler Cunningham


No Exit: The Significance of Setting and Medium, Logan Daul

Proteomic Evaluation of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Major Depressive Disorder Patients, Avery David Franzen

Historic Passions in the Hyborian Age: A Furetian Analysis of Robert E. Howard's "The Hyborian Age", Jeremiah Davis

The American Personification of Death, Emily Dawn Cote

Sedentary Behavior, Quality of Life, and Perceived Occupational Performance Following Goal-Based Interventions among Community-Dwelling Older Adults, Michaela Dendinger, Vitoria Heier, Madison Michels, and Dana Vandenberg

Collaborating to Pilot an Innovative Plastics Recycling Program for South Dakota and Beyond, Kierra Determan, Faith Ireland, Amber Ellison, Jesse Weber, and Haley Andrews


Iron Age: Cast Iron Twist Balloon Weapons, Tasha Determan

Explaining Missing and Murdered: Initial Findings, Anna Doering

Investigating Drug Use in the State of South Dakota Through Syndrome Surveillance, Phil Dohn


Quality of Care Discrepancies between Telehealth Services and Face-to-Face Interactions, Mary Doom and Tanner Nordseth

Sioux Falls Canaries: Major League Move Up, Kimberly Y. Dow

Does Individual Performance Influence Antipredator Behavioral Strategy Choice in Chameleons?, Rachel M. Drown


Changes in Phytoplankton Abundance and Community Structure of the Missouri River Basin Over 70 Years, Ryan Dunbeck

Agenda-Setting Theory: the Past and Looking Ahead, Joshua R. Earl

Native American Use of "Joy" for Coping with Stressful Experiences, Persephone A. Eastman

Giardiasis: Treatment, Prevention and Diagnostic Methods, Cassandria Ann Echols, Alexis Jensen, and Dung Nguyen


UBXN2A Inhibits Tumor Invasion and Metastasis by Targeting the mTORC2-VEGF Pathway, Morgan Eikanger

Motion Analysis of a Barbell Romanian Dead-Lift versus a Hex-Bar Romanian Dead-Lift in Females, Kaitlyn Eining

Understanding the Problem of Unequal Pay in the United States, Erin Elizabeth Weightman

Solving Climate by 2030 with Bard College, Amber Connie Ellison

Communication Activism Pedagogy: Using Social Justice in Communication Studies, Annelise Ewing Goodman

Adverse Effects of Screen Time on Children and Adolescents, Emily C. Fedders

Maternity and Members of Congress: Understanding the Effects of Maternity on a Woman's Political Career and Career Timeline in the United States, Alexandra Feiner

Feminist Criticism: the Past, Present, and Future, Andrea Fencl

Implementing Telehealth in Underserved Areas Throughout South Dakota, Alyssa Fick, Tyler Coulander, Syndi Schuett, Devan Kleven, Cole Brand, and Mackenzie Delozier

Exploring Census Tract Characteristics and Police Misconduct Investigations, Collin Fischer

A Survey Evaluation of Clinical Practices Utilized by Audiologists Working with Spanish-Speaking Patients, Elizabeth Frans

Oxygen Use During Myocardial Infarctions, Is it a Waste of Breath?, Brandon Frick

Mental Health Study, Rachel Frick, Madeline Sophia Nooney, Blake Ashleigh Nelson, Haley Marie Michel, and Jennifer Lynn Liseo

Sex Differences in Behavioral Response to Social Stress, Jason Gale

The Effects of Ranavirus on Predator-Prey Dynamics, Danielle Galvin

Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of High-Capacity Organic Cathodic Materials for Use in Lithium-Ion Batteries, Brock Gerard Goeden

Monitoring Selenium Levels in Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta) in South Dakota Wetlands, Holly Gerberding

Identifiability of Linear Compartmental Models: The Effect of Moving Inputs, Outputs, and Leaks, Seth Gerberding

Does Stress Moderate the Relationship Between Borderline Features and Social Cognition?, Ashmita Ghosh, Emily Marie Larson, and Rhiannon Jade Kusler

Clarifying the Relation of Valued Living and Quality of Life in the Context of Anxiety Symptoms, Ashmita Ghosh, Jasmine Marie Schneider, Emily Marie Larson, Joel Christopher Stroman, Emily Anne Kalantar, and Rachel Collette Bock

Persistent Popularity and the Lord of the Rings Films, Naomi Giesen and Cara McLaughlin

Sub Cellular Imaging of Proteasomal Subunits in Cultured Cells, Jenna Gillaspie

Contemporary Issues in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies: LGBTQ Adoption, Sharlene Glanzer and Caitlyn Marquardt

The Influence of Hop Width during the Crossover Hop Test, Taylor Glasoe

The Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Academic Performance, Alyssa M. Golla and Lauren Harrowa

Support Services and Accommodations Offered to Students with Hearing Loss who Attend an Institution of Higher Education in South Dakota, Martha Grace Johnston

Experimental Study of Network Traffic Overhead in Cloud Environments, Adam Lee Grady

The Effects of Parental Alcohol Use, Jackie Greger, Allison Schelske, Jalissa Connors, Autumn Schlotman, Courtney Buchholz, and Grace Waters