An Honors thesis is the capstone project for all students who plan to graduate from the Honors Program at USD. The thesis can take many forms – from a scientific experiment or literary analysis to an original novel, play, or music composition – and allows students to explore a topic they are passionate about. Honors students have a thesis advisor, a faculty member that works closely with them throughout their thesis process, and a thesis committee made up of a small number of faculty members and other stakeholders who do work related to the thesis topic. This support network helps guide students through their thesis process to a successful defense and completion of the project.

Students who write a thesis related to their academic and career goals regularly get into top graduate and professional programs, win fellowships and find themselves especially prepared for graduate work. Others, especially in business, political science and education, are considered priority by employers. We also have students who fulfill life-long creative dreams of recording an album, writing a novel or composing a music score. Whatever you choose, you will be prepared to make all the important decisions with plenty of support from faculty and the Honors Program director.